Power Engineering Services

Our expertise is in providing innovative, reliable and cost effective engineering services that exceed client’s expectations. We work as a team to meet our deadlines; and pride ourselves on being professional with the highest level of integrity.

We offer the most up to date, timely solutions and power system analysis methodologies available to our clients. We work across various industry sectors, providing power grid solutions to the sectors associated with mining, oil and gas, renewable energies, water and wastewater services, utility transmission and distribution providers.

Our aim is to provide the highest level of service at a competitive rate and to continue building long-term working relationships with our clients. We aim to serve with integrity and professionalism that exceed clients’ expectations.

Service Areas of Expertise

Power Systems Analysis & Studies

Power Systems Analysis

PGS provides industry leading power systems analysis services for electrical infrastructure projects. Power System Studies analyse, identify and confirm the adequacy of your equipment and systems for planning and optimisation, relay configuration, programming and design verification.

Substation Design Services

Our engineering team are qualified and experienced in Brownfield Substation Upgrades (up to 275kV) and Greenfield Substation Design (up to 220kV). We also perform independent peer-review and verification of Secondary & Primary Systems of 11/33/66/110/132/220kV AIS & GIS Substations.

Solar and Wind Renewable Generation

PGS provides Renewable Generation Electrical Engineering Services with extensive experience in grid connectivity for both Solar and Wind Farms and Hybrid systems. We can assist with equipment selection, datasheet compilation, equipment procurement and tender support.

Power Engineering Services for Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Water and Power Systems Integration

Power Grid Solutions provide a multi-disciplinary Engineering Consultancy to industry sectors involved in Water and Wastewater Transportation and Treatment. We have extensive experience in high voltage asset analysis, design and testing for those in the water utility and processing sector.

High Voltage Auditing and Testing

Our industry leading HV auditing services for electrical infrastructure projects consist of consultancy services for operational performance and future planning. We help determine optimum operating configurations and compare alternatives to support capital projects’ operation and expenditure.

Power Grid Solutions Technical Expertise In Electrical Engineering