Develop an ETAP® simulation model for MFC plant in Mozambique, from the measured loads in order to perform Load Flow and Short Circuit studies. This was a starting point for evaluation of the network strength, future expansions based on the estimated spare capacity. The plant consists of Furnaces: Open arc and submerged arc furnaces, motor loads: induction fans for water cooling etc.


  • Single line development in ETAP® and Bentley Microstation® packages;
  • Plant modelling based on real time measured load (using trended power measurement recorders);
  • Presentation of the measured loads and the apportioned load using a diversity factor;
  • Quantification of the presently installed capacity (MVA);
  • Quantification of the spare capacity (MVA);
  • Load flow and short circuit studies of the existing plant;
  • Load flow and short circuit studies including future load expansion;
  • A comprehensive report covering the above analyses;
  • Future work identification & recommendations;
  • Power point presentation to the MFC plant personnel.