Rebuild of 110kV AIS Substation using 110kV GIS (ABB) – Second GIS substation built in QLD by Ergon Energ.

I designed all secondary systems:

  • 4x 110kV feeder bays : SEL311L, P543
  • 2x 110/33kV Transformers bays: SEL387A, P642
  • 1x 110kV Bus section bay: High impedance BZ: MFAC34V, RMS 1M123 & CBF
  • 110kV Statistical Metering
  • AFLC upgrade
  • 33kV Interface panel
  • Sizing & Design of 110V DC battery systems (X & Y protection),
  • Connection Diagrams & Cable Schedules
  • construction support for primary and secondary systems
  • RPEQ sign off – on all secondary systems