Harmonic Filter

Harmonic Filters and Reactive Power Compensation Equipment

Harmonic filters play a crucial role in large-scale photovoltaic (PV) and battery energy storage systems (BESS) farms by mitigating harmonic distortions in the electrical power system. Here’s a breakdown of their role and significance in such installations:

  1. Harmonic Distortion Mitigation: Harmonic distortion occurs when non-linear loads, such as power electronic converters in PV and BESS systems, introduce unwanted frequencies or harmonics into the electrical grid. These harmonics can lead to several issues, including increased power losses, reduced power quality, and equipment damage. Harmonic filters are used to reduce or eliminate these harmonics.
  2. Compliance with Standards: Utility companies often have strict regulations and standards in place regarding harmonic distortion levels. Large-scale PV and BESS farms must adhere to these standards to ensure they do not disrupt the power quality of the grid or negatively impact other connected loads. Harmonic filters help these facilities meet these standards.
  3. Power Quality Improvement: Harmonic filters improve the overall quality of power in the system. They reduce voltage and current distortion, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply. This is crucial for the operation of sensitive equipment and for preventing disruptions to the grid.
  4. Protection of Equipment: Harmonic distortions can be harmful to electrical equipment, including inverters, transformers, and capacitors. By using harmonic filters, the stress on these components is reduced, leading to longer equipment lifespans and lower maintenance costs.
  5. Optimizing Energy Production: In PV systems, maximizing energy production is essential. Harmonic distortions can affect the efficiency of power inverters and lead to reduced energy output. By mitigating harmonics, harmonic filters help PV systems operate more efficiently, resulting in increased energy generation.
  6. Voltage Stability: Large-scale PV and BESS farms can cause fluctuations in voltage due to their intermittent nature. Harmonic filters can help stabilize voltage levels and ensure consistent power supply, which is especially important for the grid’s stability.
  7. Reduced Power Losses: Harmonic distortions can increase power losses in the electrical system. By filtering out harmonics, harmonic filters can help reduce these losses, improving the overall efficiency of the PV and BESS farm.
  8. Interference Reduction: Harmonic distortions can also lead to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiofrequency interference (RFI), which can affect nearby communication and electronic systems. Harmonic filters can help reduce or eliminate these interferences.

In summary, harmonic filters are essential components in large-scale PV and BESS farms to ensure grid compliance, protect equipment, improve power quality, optimize energy production, and maintain the stability and efficiency of the electrical system. They play a vital role in ensuring the reliable and sustainable operation of these renewable energy installations.

What We Offer

Power Quality Study –
Preliminary Emission Assessment

PGS engineers are expert users of PowerFactory. Our PQ initial assessment will take care of all the Power quality clauses in the GPS at a very generous fee with the best turnaround in the current market.

Detailed assessment including
harmonic filter sizing

Following initial assessment and depending on the size of the plant, PGS will size the filter and its components to ensure the Automatic Access Standard is achieved. Where this is not feasible or uneconomical, an optimal solution will be determined for a win-win outcome for both the NSP and the developer.

Harmonic Filter

At the end of the harmonic filter sizing, PGS will provide budgetary estimates for D & C, which will be finalised at the R1 Stage (if the project is not already at R1 Stage). PGS’s supply partner is one of the largest reactive power equipment manufacturers in the world, you can be guaranteed filter components will be designed and manufactured with utmost precision and care to meet the required performance.