Wacol & Sandgate Wastewater Treatment Plant – HV Project

Power Engineering Services for Wastewater Treatment Facilities


Client: Queensland Urban Utilities

Project Partner: Witthoft Engineering

Location: Grindle Road, Wacol & Bicentennial Road, Boondall, in SE Queensland

Voltage: 11/0.415kV

Activity: Wacol Sewage Treatment, Total Daily Peak Design Capacity 50,000-100,000EP & Sandgate Wastewater Treatment, Total Daily Peak Design Capacity 50,000 – 100,000EP

Project Status: Completed

Scope of Work


  • Layout and Routing drawings
  • Lightning Protection Study
  • LFI study, Insulation Coordination Study
  • HV Protection Philosophy Report
  • HV Protection Settings Report
  • CT Calculation
  • Protection IO List
  • HV Interlocks
  • DC Battery Charger Sizing
  • HV Cable Sizing & Cable Schedule
  • Earth Grid Design and Commissioning &
  • RPEQ Sign Off.


  • TX08 and TX09
  • Earthing Design
  • Lightning Protection and Risk assessment
  • Power Cable Sizing Calculation Report
  • UPS
  • DB Max Demand Calculation
  • Earth Grid Design Report TX08/TX09
  • HV Protection Settings &
  • RPEQ Sign Off.


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