Wiggins Island



Client: WICET

EPC Contractor: Downer

Location: Golding Point, west of the existing RG Tanna and Barney Point Coal Terminals, forming part of the existing Port of Gladstone.

Voltage: 132/22kV

Project Status: Completed

This is a greenfield substation that supplies the new Wiggins Island Export Terminal in Gladstone.

Scope of Work
  • Budget estimates and proposal write-up
  • Developed protection & metering SLDs, detailed design of HV primary & secondary systems
  • Undertook HV Substation studies: insulation coordination, lightning protection, earth grid analysis
  • Liaised with manufacturers, equipment vendors, contractors & subcontractors
  • Reviewed vendor drawings
  • Provided mark-ups to the drafting team
  • Directed & supervised the drafting team consisting of 4 members working across two states.

I designed all secondary systems:

  • 2x 132/22kV 63MVA Power Transformers
  • 2x 132kV Circuit Breakers, Disconnects & Earth Switches
  • 2x 22kV Circuit Breakers
  • Feeder Protection: SEL311L, P543
  • Transformer Protection: SEL387A, P642, P142, P120
  • Protection and Metering SLD
  • AC schematics
  • DC schematics
  • Substation Battery Sizing
  • Connection Diagrams
  • Cable Schedules
  • Commissioning support & review of test results before substation energisation


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