We will identify, analyse harmonics generated by non-linear equipment. The study will determine if your facility exceeds the power supply authority limits. We will then determine harmonic mitigation techniques to reduce the harmonics including phase shifting, zig-zag transformers and harmonic filter installation. A Harmonic study complying with methodologies outlined in IEC 61000 & IEE519 standards will be used to:

  • Identify the source of harmonics (internal or external to your facility)
  • Evaluate the impact of non-linear loads (harmonic sources) on facility distribution systems
  • Evaluate compliance with power supply authority
  • Verify the proper size and placement of capacitors when harmonic sources are present
  • Verify the proper size, configuration and placement of filters, if necessary
  • Size harmonic filters based on present harmonics in your system
  • Determine the economic benefits of PFC filter banks based on current tariff structure and your actual bills.
  • Determine the impact of PFC filter banks switching on the rest of the power systems.