Depending on your needs, we will evaluate and confirm the rating of your components such as cables and transformers to ensure that they are adequately rated for load current. The load flow study will:

  • Calculate maximum demand & voltage drops
  • Select appropriate cable sizes
  • Evaluate power factor correction, calculate real and reactive power loses
  • Confirm motor start-up and its impact on the rest of the system
  • Reduce your electric bill by determining the location and size of power factor correction capacitors
  • Aid in future planning and present day operation by demonstrating how the electrical system will perform during normal and emergency operating conditions
  • Determine the proper transformer tap settings so that the correct voltage will be present at motors and other loads during full load and no load conditions
  • Identify under-utilised equipment to which will allow for future load growth
  • Identify overloaded equipment
  • Increase the distribution system operating efficiency and determine the most optimum operating configuration
  • Evaluate and compare network expansion & alternatives to support capital projects operation & expenditures(OPEX and CAPEX)