Solar and Wind Renewable Generation


PGS provides Renewable Generation Electrical Engineering Services with extensive experience in grid connectivity for both Solar and Wind Farms and Hybrid systems.

We offer industry leading power systems analysis and design services for electrical infrastructure projects within the renewable energy sector . We design substations for integration with various assets and analyse their conformity for planning and optimisation requirements.

We analyse, design and certify grid connections for renewable energy across solar, wind and hybrid systems.


Power System Analysis Studies

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PV Configuration – utilising Solar panels/modules and inverters – to provide enhanced harvesting from solar panels and also provide enhanced system reliability through layout optimisation methodology.

Electric Power Engineering conventions of DC and AC reticulation systems, referencing system loads, faults, and network losses.

Power Grid Solutions will assist in evaluating the suitability of the available infrastructure and equipment choices. We will ensure the selected equipment is intended for the purpose specified by the client’s application, is safe and reliable. The datasheet compilation summarises the performance and subsystems,  indicating average values, engineering tolerances and classification data as required.

For safety and energy preservation, the Power Grid Solutions engineers provide DC Cable Sizing BOQ to wind turbine and solar arrays at affordable rates.

GPS Studies

Completed Works

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Power System Studies At A Glance

  • Utilising: ETAP, SKM PTW, DigSILENT PowerFactory, PSCAD, PSS/E, CDEGS, EMTP RV
  • Short circuits & load flow studies
  • Motor and generator starting studies: static & dynamic
  • Dynamic studies
  • Protection coordination studies
  • Arc flash studies
  • Power quality studies: Site investigation, PFC & HF bank sizing
  • Grid connection studies: renewable & embedded generation and hybrids
  • Switching studies, Insulation coordination & lightning protection studies
  • Earth Grid Analysis
  • HV/LV Reticulation & Cable Rating studies
  • Relay configuration & programming

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