Substation Design Services

substation design services

Power Grid Solutions provides a wide range of power system and substation design services. We have successfully delivered Brownfield and Greenfield Substation Designs across Australia, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

From on-site data collection, feasibility studies, to detailed design, we have a proven track record in transmission and power line design. Our engineering team are qualified and experienced in Brownfield Substation Upgrades (up to 275kV) and Greenfield Substation Design (up to 220kV). We also perform independent peer-review and verification of Secondary & Primary Systems of 11/33/66/110/132/220kV AIS & GIS Substations.

All engineering work undertaken by Power Grid Solutions Pty Ltd in Queensland is performed by an RPEQ registered Electrical Engineer, or under the direct supervision of an RPEQ.

We are experienced in heavy industry and electrical infrastructure projects that rely on technical solutions with high performance and reliability.



A substation design refers to the planning and arrangement of equipment and infrastructure necessary for the functioning of an electrical substation. An electrical substation is a crucial part of the power distribution system that receives high-voltage electricity from power plants and transforms it into lower voltage levels for safe distribution to homes, businesses, and other facilities.

Substation engineering design is essential for several reasons. Let’s dig down further to understand its importance for the community.

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Brownfield Substation Upgrades

  • Substation Upgrades up to 275kV
  • Circuit Breaker Upgrades (Live Tank & Dead Tank)
  • Relay Upgrades
  • Relay Programming
  • Relay Testing
  • Retrofitting Air Insulated Switchgear
  • Drafting Services
  • Connectivity of Transformer and Assets

Greenfield Substation Design Services

  • Concept Design & Major Equipment Selection
  • Primary & Secondary Systems Detail Design including IEC61850
  • Earthing Design, Soil Resistivity & Testing
  • Insulation Coordination Study
  • Lightning Protection Study
  • Transformer, CB, CT, VT,CVT Testing, Relay Configuration & Testing.

Substation Design Services

All engineering work undertaken by Power Grid Solutions Pty Ltd in Queensland is performed by an RPEQ registered Electrical Engineer, or under the direct supervision of an RPEQ.

If a client requires certification of third party engineering design, it is consistent with the Act for that project certification to be provided by a registered professional engineer. We can be engaged to undertake this type of certification.

The registered professional engineer who signs the certificate takes responsibility for the engineering design in terms of compliance with the Act. The engineer must satisfy him/herself that all drawings, calculations, data, assumptions and methods utilised in the design have been properly documented and are accurate, and the client must be able to provide this level of documentation for the certification to be issued.

HV/MV/LV Substation Design

Our Brownfield and Greenfield Substation design services include the following.

HV/MV Systems:

  • Concept Design of Secondary and Primary Systems: Equipment Selection & BOMs
  • Detail Design of Secondary Systems
  • Protection Relay Programming: FAT, SAT, routine maintenance
  • Detail Design of Primary Systems: SLD,GAS, Elevation, Cable Conduits and Pits
  • Detail Design of Earthing Systems including soil resistivity measurements and testing
  • MV/HV Cable Sizing
  • Power Factory Correction (PFC) Bank & Harmonic Filter Bank Sizing & Detailed design
  • Insulation Coordination Study
  • Lightning Protection Study

RPEQ Design Certification

We can undertake independent peer-review and verification of Secondary & Primary systems of 11/33/66/110/132/220kV AIS & GIS Substations:

  • Independent review of protection & metering single line diagram (SLD)
  • Independent review of detailed design for all DC, AC systems & associated SCADA systems
  • Independent review of protection settings and their application suitability
  • Independent review of Substation battery system (battery size and configuration)
  • Independent review of all substation HV equipment, GAs and conduits & pits
  • RPEQ Certification

The Queensland Professional Engineers Act 2002 prescribes that professional engineering services may only be provided by individuals registered as professional engineers. Registration as a Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) is recognition of the qualifications and competencies of an Engineer in their area of expertise.

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